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-girlfriend selena gomez. >>> good morning, everybody. >> we warn cody you yesterday that this breakup was happening. it's official. >> we're all absorbing the news. ron, particularly. >> it's rough. >> rough. we should say, we do have some holiday shopping news. not only as we mentioned before, not only is the holiday season starting early and some people are upset about that, also the thieves are getting an early start. take a look at this surveillance video, thieves ripped gifts that were put on layaway. >>> also this morning -- coffee lovers, listen up. experts are warning that the most common beans used for their morning cup joe could dry up and become extinct. we'll tell you why and if anything can be done from happening. >>> also, at the top of the show this morning, we want to give a big shoutout to everyone on this veterans day. you're looking at live soldier of the tomb of the unknown soldier. once again, a big salute to all of our fighting men and women. >>> but we're going start here this half-hour w that mystery and fatal explosion in indianapolis. abc's john schriffen is
of a crestfallen ex-girlfriend selena gomez and a look at how other young couples have done after a breakup in the spotlight. ♪ i could be a gentleman ♪ anything you want >>> good morning, everybody. >> we warned you yesterday if you watched this show that this breakup was happening. and it's official. >> we are all just absorbing the news this morning. >> ron? >> ron, particularly. >> it's rough. >> rough. >>> we should say, we do have some holiday shopping news, not only as we mentioned before, not only is the holiday season starting early and some people are upset about that, also the thieves are getting an early start. take a look at this surveillance video of thieves ripping off gifts that people have put on layaway, which is particularly cruel. coming up, why this thievery is part of some diabolical double-dipping that is hitting stores very hard this christmas. >>> also this morning, coffee lovers, listen up. experts are now warning that the most common beans used for your morning cup of joe could someday dry up and become extinct. we'll tell you when and why and if anything can
this weekend. after weeks of speculation, justin bieber and selena gomez are calling it quits. e! news broke the story after spotting the biebs out and about with a 19-year-old victoria's secret model. >> not cool. >> she's the older woman, too. they sent their single messages of support and release. >> you can't feel too bad for either one of them. >> i feel bad for their, though. this is "first look." >>> "way too early" starts right now. >> he is very much an intellectual, as you know. a scholar. atypical military scholar. that's another reason why the agency fits in well. it's much more analytic. and he appreciates the intellectual stimulation there, the brains versus brawn, although they have it all. and the military does, too. he's very happy where he's at now. >> that was paula broadwell on "morning joe" back in january, around the time when she was allegedly involved in an extramarital affair with cia director david petraeus. petraeus resigned from his post on friday.
does. sensation may be back on the market! justin bieber and long-time girlfriend selena gomez have reportedly split.. accordino people-dot-com it happened e than a week ago.. there were indications.. like a twittec posted by "the biebs" with e caption "just me".. no detas on *why the pair split.. they'd been together for nearly two yea. and.. a fabric of movie hisy went up for sale this weeke. the signature blue gingham dress, warn by judy garland in "the wizard of oz" was auctioned off.. it's final price? the auction house called it "unprecendented".. a price g of 480- thousand dollars! ao sold at the "hollywood idold icons" auction.. steve mcq's racing jacket, which sold fr 50-thousand dollars. a gold outfit worn by marilyn monre --- and christopher reeve's superman costume were also t up for bid. "...some men are comign to l us. we're going to kill him first" double-o-7 is back with a vengeance. "skyfall" explodd onto the big screen this wed at number one, banking 87-poin8 million dollars in the u-s e -- the best debut in james d hi >>> 007 is back. skyfall made $87.8 million ov
year and selena gomez are over. >> and later, how california companies goring to use this technology from south korea to help them develop u.s. business. >> larry gets new move there's. >> learning from robots. >> taking a look at mcarthur maze this, is our camera. you can see it's slow going really no matter which way you're headed right now. but particularly tougher folks going east. stay with us. >> these two kids can't make it, nobody can. latest break up of the decade. >> oh, brother. >> okay. neither justin beiber nor selena gomez is commenting. the twitterverse buzzing with speculation. the 20-year-old gomez pulling the plug on 18-year-old beiber. organizers say the two singers are scheduled to sit next to each other at the show next sunday night. you can catch amas right here on abc 7. >> we'll have to tune in and see if they're seated next to one another. >> the film owning the box office but mabel only for a mu few more days. fans weight one of the biggest premiers of the year. >> in the next few hours4 z, dreams of many fans will come true, they witness stars of "breaking
the new study for us. >>> also in the show, a megapluzic breakup, justin bieber and selena gomez have reportedly split. we have the new details over the weekend on what could have led to the couple's parting ways. >>> let's get to the latest shocking news that ended the career of cia's david petraeus. abc's senior foreign affairs correspondent, martha raddatz, has covered the four-star general for years. good morning, martha. >> good morning, george. this morning, we know that the woman at the heart of the investigation that led to petraeus a downfall who is a family friend who his lover apparently felt threatens by. the affair would never have come to light if not for this woman. her name is jill kelley, seen leaving her tampa bay home sunday evening. she and her husband are long-time supporters of the military. officials say kelley is not romantically linked to david petraeus. she and her husband are family friends of the petraeuses. early this year about the time that petraeus and paula broadwell were breaking off their affair. kelley began receiving anonymous e-mails she felt so t
. it is cold out here. >>> also, pop star, selena gomez, this is fantastic. made one little girl's dream come true. nobody deserved it more than this little lady. stick around for it. great surprise. it was awesome. >> fantastic story. >>> after we give josh a coat, it's part of our macy's believe campaign. >>> and great to have elizabeth vargas here. you got him to open up about everything. we're going to hear about the chanel ads, which josh really loved. >> yes. he leads this amazingly talented cast in this new movie. james gandolfini, you just saw a moment ago. we have our chat. we talked about this new movie "killing them softly." he plays a brutally efficient, but squeamish mob hit man. and on the eve of the christmas holiday, we shared a laugh about the chanel ads and took a walk down memory lane. actor, producer, philanthropist and fourth of six, brad pitt is here to talk about his new film, "killing them softly." it opens this friday. good morning. good to have you here. >> good morning. how are you? >> i want to read you something a critic from "the guardian" wrote that hit it. this
bieber and selena gomez are calling it quits. e news exclusively broke the story after seeing him out and about with a 19-year-old victoria's secret model. his 30 million followers on twitter nearly broke twitter as they sent out messages of support and relief. >>> this now comes to us from wnbc 4 in new york city where in east rutherford, new jersey, they got a view at hello kitty and elf on the shelf for test flights. with less than two weeks until the 86th annual parade, the crews rehearsed aerial moves to ensure a safe flight on the parade route. i'm veronica de la cruz. this is "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. >>> in rome, thousands of flash mobbers, where "gangnam style" is going strong. about 15,000 people flooded the square to dance. social media was used to spread news of the flash fob. >>> in switzerland, one pastry really is big enough for everyone to have a bite. check this out. to celebrate his shop's 25th anniversary, a pastry chef has made the world's longest napoleon. the colossal cream cake took 200 people to make and measured
and selena gomez are calling it quits. they are over. e news exclusively broke the story after spotting the biebs out and about with a 19-year-old victoria's secret model. i know, right? his 30 million followers on twitter nearly broke twitter as they sent out messages of support and relief to their newly single idol. >>> this now comes to us from wnbc 4 in new york city where in east rut herford, new jersey, they got a view at hello kitty and elf on the shelf for test flights. the crews rehearsed aerial moves to ensure a safe flight on a parade route. i'm veronica de la cruz. this is "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 5:00 a.m. >> good morning. we will throw some clouds into the picture today. temperatures in the 40's. 43 in parkton. 54 in annapolis. increasing clouds today. we will see some sunshine this morning. earlier tonight, maybe a few showers. a high near 66. we will check the seven-day forecast going all the way into the weekend. >> 41 degrees at the airpo
, his awards last night weren't his biggest news this weekend. justin bieber and selena gomez are calling it quits. they're over. e news exclusive broke the story after spotting the biebs out and about with a 19-year-old victoria's secret model. his 30 million followers on twitter nearly broke twitter as they sent out messages of support and relief to their newly single idol. >>> this now comes to us from new york city where spectators got a first look at the new floats taking flight for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. hello kitty, papa smurf and the elf on the shelf. the crews rehearsed to ensure a safe flight. i'm veronica de la cruz. this is "early today." just your first stop on the day today on your nbc station. alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so de
/ justtn bieber... and selena gomez...// more... shakeup in their personal lives.. and a pop princess continues to make phe heaalines for hee success in the music industry. candace dold is here with the latest lowdown.nment news for today's 3 &ppirls aaound the world are peey happy today becaase one of the most popuuar hearthrobs ps back on the market. justin &pbieber and his girlfriend of two eers...selena ggmez.. have called it quits. pppprently, t was selena who pulled the plug n the battled break-up ruumrs mmltiple times -- most recently when justin was seen at a broadway play with a group of people that included a 19-yeer-ood victtrri's seccet model. ttissall went downnthe same night that justin was at the taping of the victorias secret fassion show.he was asked about it all innanninterview with a radio was....i don't know what to nt say."i don't know what's going on in my life" a pop princess is in the eadlines.. not for her personal life.. but her &pgetting ack togethertaylor swift is set to perform onn -&tn the 22 year old will deliver r"- the ffrst-ever televisi
. >>> plus, is selena gomez back with justin bieber? where we caught the exes out together. >>> then, "e.t.'s" power list with jessica simpson. our all-new interview. >> people were banging on the car and i felt like a beatle.
think is b.s., but i was at the glamour women of the year awards last night, and selena gomez got an award. she was there with her parents. she was so sweet, watching her with her mom and step dad was so sweet. >> very close family. >> exactly. >> bieber was in town last night performing at the barclays center, so interesting they were both -- >> so near, yet so far. >> i think selena should come meet some of the one d. guys. she's got five to choose from. >> she's not going to be long for no company. she's one of the sweetest, most gorgeous girls in the world. >> the girl who stiffed you was there last night. >> chelsea handler went there, too? >> she was out and about. >> she was everywhere but here. >> you made it here. >> i did, and i'm hung over. >> you're always hung over. >> let's talk rihanna. >> stating the obvious. >> speak for yourself. >> don't have that problem. >> talk rihanna. talk to us. >> i interviewed rihanna last week on a live facebook chat. she said she's not with chris brown, but i don't totally believe this because she had so many compliments about him. the
. reports about a pop star breakup. did justin bieber and selena gomez really call it quits? we heard the rumors before. but, ron, this time, they say it may be for real. >> really? this is bad. >> i'll tell you what the final straw is. >> ron is an old-school belieber. you've been a belieber since way back, right? >> that kid owes me 20 bucks, by the way. >> $20. with interest. >> he never holds a grudge. one of the many things we love about ron claiborne. >>> last weekend, we introduced you to a little puppy named sandy, who was abandoned in the storm. we have an update. >>> first, the case of the tennis umpire accused of bludgeoning her husband to death with a coffee mug. it looks like the case against her may have been turned upside down. mark greenblatt is here with that story. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. she is alleged to have badly beaten her husband, leaving him to go off to get a manicure. but this morning, lawyers from this tennis referee are hoping that science will set their client free. lawyers for lois goodman hope that new dna evidence will exonerate their client
martin dempsey and marine corp commandant. >> and justin bieber and selena gomez broke up last week because of distance and busy schedules 18 year old bieber was spotted in a victoria secret fashion show on wednesday. oh, bieber how you disappoint us. >> my daughter will be disappointed about that news. >> switching gears. days after reelection and talk of common ground with the gop to avoid the fiscal cliff. president obama isad odds with speaker boehner. am they be stuck in the same preelection grid lock. joining us is senior advisor to senator harry reed reed. and spokes man for boehner. welcome and glad to center you on board. start off with the situation with the president speaking out and saying as far as he is concerned wealthy americans will pay higher taxes and that ended with his reelection and he believes that voters validated his effort to make it happen. speaker boehner said raising taxes are unacceptable. >> you are seeing the classic positions and everybody wants to make sure they speak for their constitients. and they want to make they are addressing the concerns. wh
makers of hawaii 5-0. justin bieber talking his recent split with selena gomez. when asked about the breakup quote i don't know what to say. i don't know what's going on in my life to even says that. it doesn't make any sense because i have not made any comment. >> we now know a lot more. the dress judy garland wore as dorothy in "the wizard of oz" now has a new home. ♪ >> someone bought it for 480,000 dollars at a hollywood auction over the weekend. the buyer in its new location was not disclosed. >> now it is time for your starting lineup. it was a real show down between two of the best nfl teams at soldier field even though chicago's defense is one of the best from the league the bears proving no match against the hughes tan texans. he le he left because of a conclusion. they win 13-6. a hard fought game between the rams and 49ers. unfortunately neither team edged out on top. the team tied at 24. the first for the nfl in four years. >>> the eagles continue in their losing streak losing to dallas 38-23. eagles quarterback also left the game with a concussion. hope he is doing
't seeing it right now. >> selena gomez seeking tailor swift. a day after gomez and bieber got into a big fight. they recently called it quits after two years together. a slim figure from the event of the clothing line. they gave birth back in may and is now a weight woch he haves spokesperson. srees 50 pounds. >> breaking dawn part 2 raking in $41.3 million. sky fall the second place 41.5 million and lincoln came in third making 21 million. >> and now for your starting lineup. top sports stories. the ravens opening up a two-game lead in the afc north over t steriles. >> they beat pittsburgh 16-10. 8-2 for the season. he is out indefinitely. it is a new number one in the bcs stand somethings after day of upset. they will play saturday without their pop player. matt barclay has a strained soldier -- shoulder i should say. brad kozlowski officially a nascar champion. he held out 5 time champ. keselowski won first in the sprint cup championship. >> a show down between wal-mart and workers. they are threatening to walk out on black friday now wal-mart fighting back. >> twoeld you about people
communication. >>> okay. so justin bieber has been trying to win back selena gomez. since they -- come on in, jack. just the commish. >> people know you, all right. >> breaking news -- more king don news. kidding. justin bieber has been trying to win back selena gomez's hand since she broke up with him. apparently they're splitso. friday they tried to connect. the date lasted 15 minutes before she stormed out of the restaurant in california. well, apparently at the amas he took his mother as his date. sources are saying -- >> mom looked great, by the way. >> she did look great. >> sources are saying that bieber and gomez were spotted walking hand in hand, exiting the nokia theater in l.a. where the award show was held. it looks like they may be back together. jenny mccarthy kind of broke the news, last night, she tweeted, my cub, justin beiber brought his acceptable, beautiful selena to the after party. guess i'm back on the prowl. >> she kissed him on stage when he won the award. >> she did. and she said she grabbed his heinie. >> very nice. >> good for jenny. justin. nice, nice work here.
that justin bieber and selena gomez have split. while they might be sad, a lot of 'tween and teenage girls are likely shrieking with joy, "today," saturday, november 10th, 2012. >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a saturday. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm erica hill. general david petraeus was one of the most revered figures in washington. a four-star general known for turning around the war in iraq. >> he was even considered a potential presidential candidate, so his admission that he had an extramarital affair, forcing his resignation as cia director, has set off shockwaves around washington. it was discovered as part of an fbi investigation, and it's got many wondering did he compromise national security, and is there more to this story? we're going to have much more just ahead. >> and that is not the only big story in our nation's capital. president obama and house speaker john boehner appear to be drawing lines in the sand over that looming fiscal cliff. big tax hikes and spending cuts that could take effect at the end of the year. if washington can't find a compromise. th
to happen. >> the beg news over the weekend in the tween world, justin bieber and selena gomez broke up. >> the beebs is free. >> the beebs is on the market. the word is off its axis. apparently she initiated it. actress. 20 years old. he is 18 years old. apparently acording to sources called it quits a week ago. number one because they both are busy, crazy schedules, heard that excuse 1,000 times. also because she has some trust issues with justin bieber which makes sense. there was a report out there he performed at victoria's secret fashion show. the big hollywood thing. and was hitting on everything walking down the catwalk. so, so maybe >> 18-year-old kid. >> indeed. see if they get become together. see if he is going to go out there and be young. >> last but not least, daniel craig, bond. just so fine. just so sexy. he admitted he does not do his own stunts, or awful his own stunts. and he actually prefers being driven around by professional drivers during his scenes. i just think that makes him sexier. because he is being real and authentic. i am thinking he may be my favorite bo
break up, word that justin bieber and selena gomez may have split. they may bed sad, but many teenager girls are likelyikely screaming with joy. >>> on nbc news, this is "today." with lester holt and erica hill. >> welcome to "today" on a saturday. >> general david petraeus, a four star general, is known for turning around the war in iraq. >> his admission that he had an extramarital affair forcing his resignation at cia director set off shock waves across washington. it was part of an fbi investigation and if t has many wondering if he compromised national security. >> that's not the only big story. president obama and house speaker john boehner appear to be drawing lines in the sand on that looming fiscal cliff. big tax hikes and spending cuts that could take effect at the end of the year if they can't find a compromise. >>> also, it sounds crazy, but apparently it's real. you'll meet some people who are addicted to the internet. >>> and with prices skyrocketing at the super market, we have tips on stretching your dollar and making your groceries last longer. >>> and speaking of mone
." we will not quit just yet. justin's night. justin's night focused on one lady. selena gomez was a no show. who was he focused on besides you? >> paula, it was his mom. you know he thanked her several times throughout. i know. throughout the night. in the final award for artist of the year he went over and grabbed her. at first she kind of resisted. mom said, no, i don't need to go up there. pulled her up on stage. thanked her on stage. he was almost speechless when he won after the reported break-up. mom is always a good date to take to the big awards. >> very cool. justin bieber happy camper last night. also let folk nose, you will be off for the holidays thursday, friday. brandi will be out here on the east coast co-anchoring with me thursday and friday. safe travels out here. we'll see you on the show thursday. be prepared for anything on the overnight. >> uh-oh. you are making me nervous, rob. enjoy thanksgiving. i am excited. >> i am very thankful you will fill in for me. i will promise i will get you back, okay? >> reporter: thank you. >> see you soon, brandi. >> all r
into this man. he just vanished into that person. >> it is in limited release on friday. >> selena gomez did prethanksgiving promotion for her new partnership with adidas.=w?mñ she signed on as a global style icon. this motion poster for the second film titled "catching fire" return together big screen one year from today. and for all of your entertainment news go to >> still head on abc 7 news at 4:00 a mother stop who's could have been a shooting, another in. you'll hear from her, next. >> in oakland, yesterday's one day shut down of the port successful for union workers it's trying to help but for thousands who relie on the port? they're being hurt, still feeling the affects. >> and stretch. >> that opened my eyes up. ñyes this kid on fire, lighting it up last night, scoring 138 points in one game. how the >>> the port of oakland back to full operations today. now, they're dealing with a huge back up of truck drivers. sky p was over the scene earlier today. >> we have a live look from sky 7. this strike brought everything to a screeching happen. union workers say it was succes
in president obama's campaign. >>> justin bieber and selena gomez have split saying that their schedule made it hard to date. >>> teachers say this dance was also about raising the learning curb. beth parker has the story. >> reporter: one minute, it is a sidewalk. the next minute, a stage. ♪ >> my heart was beating real fast. and i felt nervous a little bit. ♪ under the moonlight >> when i'm on the dance floor, the dance floor just kind of speaks to me. ♪ because this is thriller >> reporter: a two-minute flash mob right in front of the national portrait gallery. they are students from d.c.'s savoy elementary school in southeast but, on this day, they're -- >> just like michael johnson. >> a teacher directed from on torch an suv. >> i want to teach them that they can go to wherever i want to go. >> reporter: savoy was traditionally a low performing school but they were celebritiesed by the president' commission on arts to get art supplies, instruments. the award goes to the school that is about to turn the corner >> i was born and raised here. so to come back to that community and
is saying about the reported split with longtime girlfriend selena gomez and fear the dragon baby. we'll meet the father and son behind the wildly popular online video right after this. into their work, their name on the door, and their heart into their community. small business saturday is a day to show our support. a day to shop at stores owned by our friends and neighbors. and do our part for the businesses that do so much for us. on november 24th, let's get out and shop small. have led to an increase intands clinical depression. drug and alcohol abuse is up. and those dealing with grief don't have access to the professional help they need. when you see these issues, do you want to walk away or step up? with a degree in the field of counseling or psychology from capella university, you'll have the knowledge to make a difference in the lives of others. let's get started at ♪me and you - a little rendezvous.♪ ♪that special something that will carry you through...♪ ♪that little reward for all the things you do.♪ luscious, creamy filling - combined with our slow
in hollywood minute. >> they have been the power couple of teen pop justin bieber and selena gomez. the two broke up more than a week ago. the fans saw the writing on the twitter wall. two weeks ago the 18 year- old singer to it this fall with the caption just me. dorothy gale dancing down the yellow brick road off to see the wizard in this blue dress. the dress worn by judy garland in the wizard of oz was sold at an auction. the final price was unprecedented. $480,000. the double 07 is back with a vengeance. sky fall bank $87.8 million in the u.s.. the best in james bond history. the action thriller flight rounded out the top. meanwhile lincoln may only be playing in 11 theaters but it grossed $900,000. for hollywood minute i am kathryn cam. >> i loved sky fall and lincoln both amazing. >> harris they look at your your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast . a chilly start '30's and 40's. inland we should give up to the near mid-60's partly to mostly sunny conditions. they the same thing. coast upper 50s. we get milder tuesday into wednesday. we stayed dry. forget cooler by thursday and fri
in there. you put selena gomez -- >> 30,000 pages of e-mails. >> take his mind off the woolz of the day. >> there's a fine line between sa deduction and spamming. >> what does this woman smell like? >> i don't know if you want to get diplomatic -- >> is it a petty mixture of ambrosia and crack? >> do you believe the story line he would not have told president obama about something that is so important? >> that's one of the dumbest questions i've ever heard. >> what did they know? when did they know it? >> senator mccain and senator graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me. >> let's get right to our panel. msnbc political analyst jonathan alter, columnist for bloomberg view, nia-malika, and goldie taylor, managing editor of the goldie taylor project. jonathan, i can begin with you, do we need a full-scale watergate style investigation to discover the truth about the so-called benghazi cover-up? perhaps even the bedroom antics of our top intelligence offer, john mccain, lindsey graham say we do? >> it's so pathetic. why don't -- >> so pathetic? >> yes. they los
scrub, and the body butter. now it's big with celebrities. ashley olsen, selena gomez, the retail $85. the deal $19.50. that's 77% off. >> great teachers gifts. >> yes. i love this. it comes in this box. >> fantastic. okay. also another good gift. gloves from iso toner. these are perfect because they have the fingers so you can work your gadgets. >> when i was coming in today people were already sleeping outside for one direction so they can use these. >> right. >> they also have -- >> can you believe they're outside four days ahead? >> i know. they have the smart touch so you can use them on most of your gadgets. the retail is $44 to $45. this is the new, improved 2.0 gloves for men and women. the thumb, index, and the middle finger are embroidered with a conductive thread that allows you to use your touch screen. the men's gloves come in black. the women's colors here, how much fun. >> great. >> five bright colors. retail $44 the deal $13.50 up to 70% off. >> fantastic. >> send them outside after this. >> 'tis the season to start ordering your christmas cards. you have a great deal
is rocking hollywood this week. it just brings a tear to everyone's eye of course, the beebs and selena gomez. thank you so much for that. are broken up officially. now the rumor mill is churning the reason the two are headed for splitsville or in splitsville right now. he, there they are the now split couple. he has kind of got his eye on this woman, barbara palvin, a victoria secret model. the rumor he was in the victoria secret holiday fashion show with the wings. all that. eyeing up every little hotty on the catwalk. apparently seeing this girl. if you are wondering she is hungarian, born in budapest, she is 5'7", wears a size 3 dress. >> she wears a junior size? she is a victoria's secret angel. all this good stuff. rumors out there that she herself already has a boyfriend. we hope justin is not breaking up an existing relationship here. but anyway, the beebs is moving on. on top of that recently gave some performance where he sang justin timberlake's song "cry me a river" a song justin sang after the breakup with britney alluding to that britney was the one who was cheating on him. peop
. justin bieber. despite his recent break-up with selena gomez, justin bieber took her artist of the year at american music awards beating out katy perry and rihanna. another big winner car lly rae gypsum. >> i like "call me maybe." you know carly rae and justin bieber have that gangham style a little bit between them. >> interesting. >> ahead on half file -- or not -- ahead on halftime, our trader are fast but they're not always right. what stephanie link learned from a recent trade gone bad. >>> how rising crude prices could cool profits in the currency markets. we'll be right back. we want toe our schools... ... what should we invest in? maybe new buildings? what about updated equipment? they can help, but recent research shows... ... nothing transforms schools like investing in advanced teacher education. let's build a strong foundation. let's invest in our teachers so they can inspire our students. let's solve this. [ female announcer ] today, it's not just about who lives in the white house, it's about who lives in the yellow house, the green, and the apartment house, too. today we
is thaa justin bieber and his girlfriend of two years...selena gomez.. havv called it uits.according to various reports, it was selena who pulled the plug on the bbttlee break-uu rumorss multiple times -- most at a broadway play with a -gro a 19-year-old vvccoria's secret model. this comes right afterrjustin waa at the taping of thh victorias secret fashion show.he was asked about it all in an interview with a radio show on ssturday.. his comment was....i don't know what to on in my life" a hollywood starlett is in the hhadlines.. not for her personal life.. but her music. music. sot: we re neverrgettiig back r taylor swift is set to performm episode of fox's "the x factor" the first-ever television peeformance of "state of grace," a track ff her new album.this isn't theefirst timeethh country superstar has been on an x factor stage.just last month, swift appeared on the uk version of he series, belting out her hit "we are never ever getttng back together" .since its oct. 22 rrlease, red, swift's fourth u.s in its first week allne, the album 1.2 million copies. switthin
this headline. it's true. justin bieber is single again. the 18-year-old singer broke up with actress selena gomez. the split apparently happened last week. distance and their busy schedules contributed to the breakup. bieber is on tour and his now ex-girlfriend is filming with the disney channel. the two made their first public appearance in february of last year. >> you doing okay? >> i think i'm going to survive. he wasn't very nice when i first met him. >> that's right. >> we have a love/hate relationship. >> maybe selena does too now. >> perhaps. maybe she got word how he treated me. just kidding. >>> the time right now 9:28. hurricane sandy may be long gone but the problems are still lingering. >> next why some people who had power are now back in the dark. >> and the phone calls that make flying the friendly skies a little less friendly. >>> good morning everyone. welcome to news 4 today. i'm angie goff. >> i'm richard jordan. it is saturday, november 150th, 2012. we are in for a pretty good weekend. >> i know. i cannot wait to get out and enjoy it. a lot of other people are going to
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